Exitos 98.7 Listen To Live From Stream

Exitos 98.7 Listen To Live From Stream

Exitos 98.7 is a radio station that broadcasts. Moreover, the regional Mexican format. After that there, License in Bizarre, California, California.

With everything considers works in the Santa Rosa area. In like way, The station is at present possess by Commonwealth Broadcasting, LLC. . That is to say there Exitos 98.7 broadcasts a wide range locally.

About all this, and nationally produce programs. Likewise, both music, and spoken sounds, on Hi and Fi stereo. That is to say there Exitus 98.7 broadcasters.

Exitos 98.7  Fm in addition info there

As well as, belief in providing a variety of original music. That there, so listeners can enjoy a considerable catalog of known. About all these, and unknown tracks from dance, hip-hop to classical.

Also, As a self-evident actuality, the choice to jazz. In addition, rock to folk, blues to ethnic, and much more. After all, Exitos 98.7 FM – Sonoma County As a result.

Meanwhile, which wakes you up every morning to Mexican regional music. Everywhere in the world, the best round of pop, and the Don Chetto show.

Exitos98.7 FM – KXTS is a music player station broadcast from Gripper. At this point, Mexican, Middletown, California, USA.

 At this present time, Exitos 98.7 FM is a radio station. That is to say. There broadcasts a regional Mexican format. After all, License in California.

In such a manner, it is serving in the Santa Rosa area. At this time, The station is currently own by Commonwealth Broadcasting, LLC.

At this time, The station was previously broadcast. About all this, on 100.9 FM until the frequency changed. After that, there, with Exitos 98.7 on February 6, 2006. Likewise, The call signs were change the week before.

The station began as KRSH (Cross) in 2002. At this present time, when it was involve in a frequency exchange. About all this time with Exitos 98.7, known as Sexy 95.9.

All over the point in KRSH was not involve. All in all, the current frequency exchange. As a result, and is still broadcasting at 95.9 FM.

In the first place, Exitos – KXTS is a broadcasting radio station from Gizarville. About all this, CA, the USA that provides Mexican ranchers, groups. Norton, band music, and information.


Name: Exitos 98.7 FM Website:  www.exitos987.com
Type: AAC Language: Spanish
Location: Middletown, CA

Exitos 98.7