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Radio Micah

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Radio Micah live

Radio Micah

Radio Micah is one of the most famous online radio station on Africa. Radio Micah is 24 hour 7 day live Online radio. Radio Micah is an agricultural and commercial private resort located in Canada with a production studio in Africa, specifically in the Republic of Togo. Radio Micah has emerged as a very valuable date for all workers of the world May 1, 2015, a result of the Agricultural Micah Farm. Programs are broadcast in French, English, Mina, Kotokoli and Kabyè. Radio Micah | RM: The vision of the farmer’s voice is to give everyone the chance to talk about problems, challenges and approaches to agricultural solutions in TOGO and Africa.

Our objective is to increase the visibility of the actions carried out or to be carried out on the ground by the actors of agriculture: the farmers, the authorities and the national and international organizations to make our contribution to the development of Togolese and African agriculture. The aim is to address the issues of Togolese Agriculture on the airwaves in order to give the floor to each other for constructive contributions and suggestions. With the aim of bringing Togolese agriculture very far through radio waves and increasing the visibility of actions taken by actors, authorities and national and international organizations, MICAH FARM sas felt the need to A means of communication from where Radio Micah | RM:

Radio Information:

Location: Africa

Language: English

Genres: Local Music, Misc


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