BBC Arabic

BBC Arabic

Radio BBC Arabic was launched in 1938 and is one of the oldest Arabic radio speaking. BBC Arabic providing Arabic language World News and Talk as a service of BBC World Service. BBC Arabic radio allows listeners to comment through the phone thus creating a powerful interaction between the audience and the radio.

History: He began his broadcast on 3 January 1938 and causes from day conflict between the BBC and the Foreign Ministry of the United Kingdom , following the dissemination of information concerning the hanging of a Palestinian in Jerusalem. The duration of emission increases gradually to switch from 1:00 to 6:15 p.m. daily in the late 1990s and then continuously from September 2001. Currently, radio has an audience of more than thirteen million people throughout the Arab world.

The channel currently broadcasts its programs 12 hours a day before going to a streaming in 2008 . It enjoys wide reputation of the Arabic BBC radio which started broadcasting on 3 January 1938 and is still broadcast on short wave, medium wave and FM in several Arab countries. Among those in the chain included Hassan Mouawadh ( Palestine ), Tony Al Khoury ( Lebanon ), Fida Basil ( Lebanon ), Iman Al Kasir ( Egypt ), Ali Oujana Dalia Mohamed (Syria ), Rania Al Attar ( Iraq ), Dina Wakkaf ( Syria ), Mourad Mahmoud ( Egypt ) and Wadii Mourad. Among the main issues contained Hasad Al Yawm Al Ekhbari, Al Alam Hadha Al Masaa (The world tonight), Panorama (also broadcast on BBC World News ), Fi Assamim (nearHard Talk on BBC World News) Lajnat Takassi Al Hakaék and several documentaries produced by the BBC.

Radio Information:

Location: Arabic

Language: Arabic

Genres: Arabic Talk, News, World

Website: www.bbcarabic.com