Top Radio in Argentina
radio in Argentina

Top Radio in Argentina

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Radio, which was first broadcast in Argentina in 1920, has been widely enjoyed in Argentina since the 1930s. Radio broadcast stations totaled around 150 active AM stations, 1,150 FM stations, and 6 registered shortwave transmitters.An estimated 24 million receivers were in use in 2000 (2.4 per household).

Radio broadcasting enjoys a long and varied history in Argentina, tracing its origins to a 1910 stay in the southside Buenos Aires suburb of Bernal by Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of the wireless telegraph. There, he achieved a rudimentary radio transmission with a kite-mounted antenna connected to earphones.

The list of Top Radio in Argentina are:



1) Metro 95.1

2)  Radio Estacion Plus

3) Zoom Radio

4)  Radio 3 Cadena Patagonia 

5)  Rincon Gaucho FM 

6)  Radio Light FM

7)  Radio Manouche 

8)  Radio Domo

9)  Libertad FM 

10) La Radio 104.7 FM


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