Jiaxing News Online Radio

Jiaxing News Online Radio:

Jiaxing News Radio 104.1 FM is the frequency of the main broadcasts of Jiaxing Radio and Television Group.

Morning, Midnight and Evening are the three strongest news divisions of the initial period, “Jiagang Morning News”, “News Today” and “News Evening News”, news broadcast all hours of the day, “First Scene” reporters are connected any time.

All of the “state affairs, family affairs, Jiangsing affairs, big events, trivial matters and surrounding issues” on the “Jiajing News Broadcast” have really achieved the purpose of the program.

All-News Radio is available in both local and syndicated forms and operates on both major U.S. satellite radio networks.

All-news stations range from simulcasting a minimalist television station like CNN to a “rip and read” headline service, which includes live coverage of news events and long-term public programming at stations.

Many stations brand themselves as News Radio but only run morning and afternoon drive times or in some cases broadcast talk radio shows with frequent news updates.

These stations are correctly labeled as “News / Talk” stations. Also, a few national public radio stations identify them as news and information stations, which means running the morning edition and NPR news magazines considering all subjects, as well as conducting other information and public relations programs.

Radio Contact Info:

Phone: 0573-82228684