Radio Banovina

Radio Banovina

Radio Banovina has been started to broadcast LIVE  from Croatia. But, it also a part of test transmission. They live broadcasting from Croatia. Radio Banovina’s official website address is www.radio-banana.hr

The music of Croatia, like the divisions of the country itself, has two major influences: Central European, present in central and northern parts of the country including Slavonia, and the Mediterranean, present in coastal regions of Dalmatia and Istria. In Croatia, both pop and rock are popular, as well as pop music influenced by Dalmatian or Slavonian folk elements. The pop music of Croatia generally resembles the canzone music of Italy, while including elements of the native traditional music. Croatian record companies produce a lot of material each year if only to populate the numerous music festivals. Of special note is the Split Festival which usually produces the most popular summer hits more recent times, younger performers such as Nina Badrić, Severina, Gibonni, Marko Perković/Thompson, Toni Cetinski, Jelena Rozga, Danijela, Lidija Bačić, Antonija Šola, and many others have captured the attention of the pop audience. There are several rather popular and long-lasting mainstream rock acts like Parni Valjak, Prljavo Kazalište, Crvena Jabuka, Atomsko Sklonište.

Radio Information:

Location: Croatia

Language: English

Genres: Croatian, Folk, Pop

Web Site: www.radio-banovina.hr

Radio Banovina Live Stream