Radio Projekti 21

Radio Projekti 21

Radio Projekti 21 live broadcasting from Denmark. Radio Projekti 21 one of the most famous online radio station on Denmark. Radio Projekti 21 based in Denmark broadcasts various programs in the Albanian language. Great part of the Steering Committee are Albanians who live and work in the diaspora (Germany, England, Denmark, etc.). Also programs Moderators that are competent, live in different European countries. On the official website also have you the opportunity to be informed with the latest news that are published in writing form. As well to send greetings messages and also in the section program can be informed accurately about the programs that will broadcast during the 24 hours. To mention that this site contains quite a few interesting sections that deal with lifestyle.

Radio Information:

Location: Denmark

Language: English

Genres: Variety

Web Site:  www.radioprojekt.dk