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Lime Radio Greece:

Lime Radio Greece has over 1,000 radio stations operating with a certificate of temporary legality. Most broadcast on the FM band; the AM band has been almost entirely abandoned by broadcasters, with the exception of State-run media and a few other stations.


Limeradio. Greece is a fresh idea with a live character. The music on Limeradio. gr is rich with some of the best productions worldwide creating a style that is unique and creates the right atmosphere. Chosen from a group of people who love music is a priority in their life. Positive happy full of energy, with a big selection of interactive choices. The radio becomes more entertaining with your participation. Listen, vote, enjoy yourself, feel fresh, read, relax, and play! Limeradio. gr is here to stay.

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Radio Information:

Location: Greece

Language: Greek

Genres: Eclectic

Web Site: limeradio.gr

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