La Ranchera De Monterrey the best radio

La Ranchera De Monterrey the best radio

Description La Ranchera de Monterrey, a Category A digital radio station on clear channels frequency, is a small-scale radio station transmitting.

On the same channel as CIGI (Colombia International Radio). And WAX (WRC- Vietnamese Radio la rancheria del Monterrey International). 

Although this may be true It is mainly license for Monterrey, Guadalupe, and other local brands. As much as the name Ranchera means “of the ranch”.

Well known for its authentic border blaster appeal in the early 1950s. It has now adopted the more contemporary name LaRanchera de Monterrey.

At the present time Suitable for both countries. And intended for as many Spanish and international tourists as possible.

La Ranchera de Monterrey Playlist:

La Ranchera de Monterrey is a well-known border town located. On the Mexico Uruguay border. Many interesting sights and sounds can be seen and heard. On this charming Mexico Uruguay border town. It is also home

to Mexico’s largest National Park, Buena Vista National Park. It has been said that the Playlist Hotel. where the legendary Rock and Roll star Axl Rose once stay, still exists along.

The borders, and can be visited by those. Who enjoy the rich history of Mexico’s rock stars and folk music styles.

La Ranchera de Monterrey’s most famous attraction is its rustic beach. Which offers visitors the chance to indulge in various water sports activities like snorkeling, diving, and surfing.

The Playlist Hotel is also very close to this beautiful beach. Mexico’s Costa Rica coastline offers a plethora of beautiful beaches for visitors to explore.

There are many other beach resorts in Monterrey, Mexico, to choose from as well.  At this point, Playlist Hotel XEG-AM is a well-known Class A radio station in Mexico that is based in this region.

The town of La Ranchera de Monterrey is a favorite destination among tourists. As has been noted, Its beautiful beach offers a beautiful scene of calm ocean water and lush tropical gardens. There are many attractions nearby as well. There is the Border

Town Museum, the Old Market Theater, and the Historic Theater. Similarly, these tourist attractions give this best place an extra edge over other places. Especially to make it a suitable choice for a trip to Monterrey.

Radio Contact Info:


Ave. Cuauhtémoc 725 Nte. colonia, Centro, Monterrey, N.L, Mexico

La Ranchera de Monterrey