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113.FM Club Euforia:

90’s Dance Club Hits and Remixes. Check out one of our most popular channels now or discover a new favorite from our channel line-up here. Awesome 80’s – 80’s Mega Hits Big Kicking’ Country – Hot Country . Chill Zone – Ambient, chill-out, down-tempo . Coffee House – The perfect blend of mellow tunes for your mind, body, and soul Pop2K – 2K’s Pop Hits ,Retro – 70’s Mega Hits, Star – 90’s Mega Hits, The Eagle – Classic Rock.



113.FM Radio is a head, worldwide online radio supplier of web radio channels covering different music types, time-frames, and styles over our radio organization.

Offering top tier content on each channel, 113.FM Radio has gotten one of the most listened online radio organizations universally with a broad reach to audience members in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the United States of America. Since its establishing in December 2013, 113.FM Radio has developed to a wide range of music channels and has pulled in audience members from different socioeconomics, areas, and foundations. A significant number of our channels include every day shows, selective substance from famous partnerships and craftsmen. Our music channels are consistently 100% free and accessible online all day, every day. Hear us out online through our ON AIR page or our 113FM portable application for iOS and Android.

We uphold specialists through an enrollment with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Sound Exchange through a concurrence with our streaming accomplices.

Radio contact info:

Address: 555 W 5Th Street, 36th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90013

Phone: (888) 902-9985

Email: [email protected]

Call or Text: +1-888-473-6922
Skype Calls: [email protected]

Listen live 113.FM Club Euforia