Selema Masekela – Frequency

Selema Masekela – Frequency

The current week’s scene is a long late discussion with the incomparable Selema. I’ve been attempting to get Selema on the show for a few years at this point, and we, at last, got it going toward the start of January 2023.

In the event that you don’t know Selema, he’s perhaps the most turned on and motivational individuals in real-life sports. He’s a moderator, telecaster, broadcasters, podcaster, artist, surfer, snowboarder – the rundown goes on.

He’s likewise a splendid psyche, which is on full showcase in the free-streaming and colossally pleasant discussion. As you would expect, given Selema’s scope of interests, we made a great deal of progress in this scene, including his own experience, the present status of legislative issues in the States and what it says about activity sports culture, and how he felt when he was unexpectedly pushed into the spotlight as a representative on issues of race and variety the previous summer.

Selema Masekela