Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! 

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!  is 60 minutes in length week by week news radio board show delivered by WBEZ and National Public Radio (NPR) in Chicago, Illinois. On the program, specialists and hopefuls are tested in diverting manners about that week’s news. It is disseminated by NPR in the United States, globally on NPR Worldwide and on the Internet by means of web recording, and ordinarily broadcast on ends of the week by part stations. The show midpoints around 6 million week by week audience members on-air and through web recording”.

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!


Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is usually recorded in front of a live audience in Chicago at the Chase Auditorium beneath the Chase Tower on Thursday nights. Until May 2005, the show was recorded in one of Chicago Public Radio’s studios, with no crowd and frequently with at least one specialists bringing in from different areas. The show additionally frequently goes to different urban areas in the United States and delivers a street show before a live crowd for limited time and station-related purposes. In circumstances where shows can’t be recorded before a group of people, shows are recorded at the studios of WBEZ with specialists utilizing videotelephony to show up, a circumstance which has happened during the Covid pandemic. A show past to the stopping of voyaging and Chase Auditorium shows at Atlanta’s Fox Theater was recorded with no crowd because of general wellbeing worries after all live and recording work force had arrived.

The show is facilitated by dramatist and entertainer Peter Sagal. At the point when the program had its introduction in January 1998, Dan Coffey of Ask Dr. Science was the first host, yet a redoing of the show prompted his substitution in May of that year. The show has likewise been visitor facilitated by Tom Bodett, Luke Burbank, Adam Felber, Peter Grosz, Tom Papa, Mike Pesca, Richard Sher, Bill Radke, Susan Stamberg, Robert Siegel, Brian Unger, Drew Carey, Tom Hanks, Helen Hong, Jessi Klein,Faith Salie and Maz Jobrani when Sagal was holiday.

Carl Kasell, who additionally filled in as the newsreader on Morning Edition, was the show’s true adjudicator and scorekeeper until his retirement on May 17, 2014, after which the job was taken over for all time by columnist Bill Kurtis. Notwithstanding Kurtis, Korva Coleman, Corey Flintoff, Jean Cochran and Chioke I’Anson among others, have additionally served this job previously.

Stand by Wait… audience members likewise partake by calling or sending messages to select themselves as competitors. The makers select a few audience members for each show and call them to show up on the program, playing different games highlighting addresses dependent on the week’s news. Before October 21, 2017, the typical prize for dominating any match was to have Kasell (named “Scorekeeper Emeritus” following his retirement) record a welcome on the hopeful’s home replying mail or voice message system.The current prize is to have any one show specialist or staff individual from the contender’s decision record the welcome, including Sagal, Kurtis, or Kasell preceding his demise in April 2018.

A few shows per year, typically agreeing with occasions or neighborhood National Public Radio (NPR) part station fundraisers, are accumulated from fragments from past scenes, or highlight occasion related subject programming, (for example, for the fourth of July, a whole program dependent on inquiries from American history adjusted to fit the recent developments design), and are either recorded before a crowd of people for later transmission, or at WBEZ’s studio offices without a crowd of people.