Gdynia Radio

Gdynia Radio

Gdynia Radio is one of the most famous online radio station on Polish. Gdynia Radio is radio online, ie. Suitable signal via the Internet. The use of this modern technology in radio allowed us to create the Tri-music radio current affairs of local character and global reach! Gdynia Radio has transmit positive vibes Trójmiastu world and the Tri-City to the world. First of all, they offer good music and optimistic, objective journalism. Connect, not divide, be positive for the open port of ideas, humor and joy of life. We want to describe our local world in bright colors, not to shock the evil, brutality, tragedy, the dirty side of politics. We want to work with all those who are close to our assumptions. In the center of interest are residents of Gdynia, the Tri-City agglomeration and the Coast.

Gdynia Radio is a distinctive musical offer. We focus on diversity and original combining selected styles and conventions of music – with the accent placed on the tropical rhythms, rarely seen in popular commercial and public stations. On the Polish market we are the first who, in such a way to reach for contemporary music and twentieth centuries in the Americas, Europe and other regions of the world. With great pleasure we play Latin music, Brazilian, Caribbean, jazz, swing, blues, Americana, reggae, ska, rockabilly, pop, funk, soul, lounge, chillout, electronica, neo-retro, tango, French songs, Spanish-speaking, English-speaking, Italian, Balkan, Jewish, Greek, etc., and the Polish contemporary productions and musical standards 1920 -1980. We turn to a less popular national radio stations in the world of contemporary music – African, Asian, Mediterranean and the Baltic.

Radio Information:

Location: Polish

Language: English

Genres: Adult Contemporary, Jazz, Latin, Various

WebSite: www.gdyniaradio.com