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At this time, stay a partner of Zeta 93 FM. Plus, it’s a blessing of unlimited redirection to your life. All in all, 93 FM is a free radio tune station in Puerto Rico.

At the moment, they promote salsa, only the latest music. Similarly, WZNT is a radio station that broadcasts Spanish tropical plans.

Meanwhile, Approve to San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States. Subsequently, it serves the Puerto Rico locale. After that, The station is at present guaranteed by Spanish Broadcasting.

At this present time, System Holding Company, Inc.

At the present time, Puerto Rico, giving Salsa music on 93.7 FM in San Juan, 93.3 FM in Ponce and 92.1 FM in Mayaguez.

It is the wellspring of limitless redirection for your life. All things considered, 93 FM – WZNT is a transmission radio station.

Right now, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, giving Salsa music. Just as, on 93.7 FM in San Juan, 93.3 See more FM in Ponce and 92.1 FM in Mayaguez.

zeta 93 FM radio in addition info:

Your national station of the salsa !!! 93.7 FM. Metro Area/93.3 FM. Ponce/92. 1 FM . At present, Mayagez www.zeta93.fm.

This is followed by El Bemba de la Zed 5: 30-10: 00 am Nostor Gallon “El Boho Loco” 10:00 -3: 00 pm. All in all, Marcos Rodriguez “El Cacic” 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. Also, all you need is 6:00 – 7:00 Zeta 93 FM other online Puerto Rico radio broadcasts.

Zeta 93 FM has been begun to communicate LIVE, however it likewise a piece of test transmission. As well as,93 FM is quite possibly the most renowned online radio broadcast on Bangladesh. Zeta 93 FM broadcast 24hours Latest Salsa melody and so forth from that point own radio broadcast.

Stay interface on 93 FM. It is the wellspring of limitless diversion for your life. At the moment, Zeta 93 FM is a live online radio broadcast on Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, they broadcast salsa.

Radio contact info:

Radio Information:

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico Language: Spanish
Genres: Salsa WebSite: www.zeta93.fm

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