Jazz FM UK

Jazz FM UK

Jazz FM UK lives broadcasting from the UK. Jazz FM UK is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit radio station committed to keeping the community informed on local and global issues, presenting music and information not available on other media in this area, and on creating and maintaining a positive spirit in the community.

Jazz FM is a radio station broadcasting on digital radio in the United Kingdom which predominantly plays jazz music, jazz standards as well as blues, and soul music. The station also plays specialist programming in a wide variety of jazz disciplines. The station, in this incarnation set up by Richard Wheatly, can trace its roots back to 102.2 Jazz FM, which launched in 1990. The current station launched on 6 October 2008 at 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC).

The station started off as a separate website named jazz as an accompaniment to the now-defunct 102.2 Jazz FM and 100.4 Jazz FM stations in London and the North West respectively. GMG Radio revamped the site in 2004 and in 2005 when the London Jazz FM station was replaced with 102.2 Smooth FM, the jazz website adopted the Jazz FM name and moved to jazzfm.com. Jazzfm.com also took up DAB slots in Yorkshire, South Wales, and the Severn Estuary to relay the Blue Room stream of smooth jazz and funk music from the website at a higher bitrate, which was left vacant by the defunct Smooth Digital radio station. GMG also launched jazzfm.com on a free-to-air digital satellite via the Sky platform but closed it down in 2006 to save money to re-invest into the website.


Jazz FM 102.2 is a local British radio station focused on jazz, blues, and soul music from all over the world. It is owned by GMG Radio and broadcasts since 1990. They once made an experiment and renamed this station into JFM in order to avoid mentioning “jazz”. They hoped to attract an additional audience in this way. But this experiment was unsuccessful, so they renamed it again to Jazz FM. Another attempt to make Jazz FM 102.2 commercially more successful was when its managers added more R&B, easy-listening, and adult contemporary music during the daytime and shifted jazz to the nighttime. But this experiment was also a failure. Currently, the main focus of this radio station is on Jazz greatest hits from all over the world. But they also play blues and soul music. Більше

Radio Information:

Location: London, UK

Language: English

Genres: London, Jazz, Blues

Web Site: www.jazzfm.com

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