101.5 WBNQ Online Radio

101.5 WBNQ Online Radio:

WBNQ first signed into the air as WJBC-FM in 1947. Simply the first “sister” AM call letter and simulcasting was the practice among the early FM stations to simply add FM to programming. After the call letter conversion to WBNQ in

the 1960s, the station promoted a young easy-to-listen / beautiful music automated format recorded on an old studio site above the Castle Theater in suburban Bloomington.In August 1972 the WBNQ became an old station using the

Drager-Blower Olde Gold Syndicate format, then converted to Drake-Channel Salil Gold format in 1974, and in late 1975 the top 40 sold using Drake-Channel’s XT-40 format.WBNQ achieved its highest 12+ share of 24.3% in the

spring of 1976, using Drake-Channel’s XT-40 format, making it one of the highest-rated FM stations in the United States. In 1976, Danny Adkins, WBNQ’s Director of Operations, joined Drake-Channelt as a programming

consultant on format presentation, promotion, and community engagement with their client stations. He became President of Adkins D.C. in 1985, holding the highest office in the United States.

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 236 Greenwood Ave, Bloomington, IL 61704

101.5 WBNQ