Jefferson Public Radio

Jefferson Public Radio

Jefferson Public Radio serves listeners in southern Oregon and northern California with radio programming that is not available via commercial media. Jefferson Public Radio is a regional public radio broadcasting network serving over a million potential listeners in Southern Oregon and the Shasta Cascade region of northern California. The network is headquartered on the Southern Oregon University campus in Ashland (near Medford) and named after the once-proposed State of Jefferson, an area which roughly corresponds to its vast and mostly mountainous coverage area of 60,000 square miles.

Jefferson Public Radio offers three different listening options. The Rhythm & News Service is dedicated to people with eclectic taste. Think singer/songwriter, jazz, AAA (not the automotive association), rock, reggae, pop, blues, alt.country, and world beat. And NPR news.

The Classics & News Service plays, well, classical music. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and their buddies. The News & Information Service features 24 hours of smart people talking. Some are British (BBC), others wear glasses (This American Life), and others are Garrison Keillor (A Prairie Home Companion.) Jefferson Public Radio is a member of National Public Radio and the Northwest News Network, and is an affiliate of the BBC, Public Radio International, and American Public Media.

Radio Information:

Location: USA

Language: English

Genres: Jazz

WebSite: www.jazzworks.net