LISTEN 113.FM Hits – 1971 FM

LISTEN 113.FM Hits – 1971 FM:


Your playlist for the top hits of the 1970s.open to you at whatever point, from any spot on the planet. On the occasion that utilizing a remote application is more your thing, we have one of those also!


Surround yourself in great music, available to you anytime, from anywhere in the world.[1]

We have you covered with nearly all music genres and styles from decades past through today.  Whatever the occasion, or your mood, we have a radio channel to satisfy[2] your need for great music.

It’s now easier than ever to tune-in and listen by using a compatible desktop or mobile phone web browser.  If using a smartphone app is more your thing, we’ve got one of those too!

Radio contact info:

Address: 555 W 5Th Street, 36th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90013

Phone: (888) 902-9985

Email: [email protected]

Call or Text: +1-888-473-6922
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113.FM Hits - 1971