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listen to KVOM 101.7 FM:

KVOM is a community-based, noncommercial station dedicated to offering country music and southern music, in addition to other related genres. Unlike many traditional AM and FM stations that air specific music on their airwaves, KVOM provides an outstanding combination of music channels and programming variety that caters to a large cross-section of audience. The station’s mission is to provide a platform for consumers and musicians to share their views, experiences, and music through creative programming. It has achieved remarkable success due to the dedicated efforts of its presenters and directors. KVOM 101.7 FM, which utilizes state-of-the-art technology, reaches out to listeners through various outlets, including Internet download services and satellite radio.


Since its inception, KVOM has become one of the most highly recognized and comprehensive Southern African music stations, with millions of listeners all over the world. KVOM’s website, which serves as a repository of content and information about the radio station, also becomes a valued online reference tool for listeners. Country music is one of the most popular music genres, and it has earned recognition in a number of countries around the world. The station features music from prominent artists who have made the most of their exposure on the air. Artists such as Adam Lambert, Andrea Bocelli, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Luke Earle Haley, Waylon Jennings, Taj Mahal, Amy Grant, Akon, Elvis Presley, and many others have graced the airwaves of KVOM.


KVOM 101.7 FM is committed to providing a unique experience for its viewers and listeners. Through innovative programming, a wide variety of music channels, and a highly professional staff, this program has established itself as an African American web station that reaches out to listeners in a way that many other media outlets fail to do. KVOM 101.7 FM is an ideal vehicle for African Americans to express themselves and connect with others through an African American-owned radio station in the most vibrant and unique way.

Radio contact info:

Address: 1835 Highway 113 Morrilton

Phone: +1 501-354-2484

Email: [email protected]

listen to KVOM 101.7 FM