OLOPH Church Radio

OLOPH Church Radio:

OLOPH Church Radio is a United States-based non-commercial, listener-supported radio station. It plays classical music on the Internet from local to international artists and composers of different periods. OLOPH offers listeners a chance to access the world of classical music through broadcasting for free online 24/7 year-round as well as live streaming on their website http://www.oloph.net

OLOPH originates from four ancient Greek letters representing an acronym: – Omicron – Lambda – Pi – Phi, which means “God our Savior.”

Today’s OLOPH Church Radio was officially launched in October 2008 by Peter Gevorgyan and immediately started with a three-hour day broadcasting schedule during days and weekends with special programs dedicated to different the United States and California-based churches.

Today, the radio station is a full-time web radio station with 12 hours broadcasting schedule from Monday to Sunday. The programming includes classical music for different occasions and holidays and daily news, show episodes, interviews with composers, people related to the world of music, and listeners’ comments and reviews. Moreover, OLOPH Church Radio offers its listeners opportunities like the chance to perform live on-air in front of thousands of users listening online around the world through submitting requests or by participating in various contests: “OLOPH Top 10 Request Countdown”, “OLOPH TOP 50 REQUEST SHOW”, “International Composer Day

– IDC” etc.

According to United States Copyright Law, the radio station broadcasts recorded musical performances protected by the copyright of their owners. OLOPH Church Radio is broadcasting music according to United States Federal Communication Commission regulations and has obtained a license from United States Copyright Office.
The owners of OLOPH Church Radio state that none of the sounds or musical recordings on this website is used for online commercial use without paying royalty fees. This site was created solely as an entertainment source for people interested in classical music. OLOPHChurchRadio aims to provide its listeners with high-level professional internet radio experience, regular news updates, and different kinds of cultural services provided by United States-based radio stations.

Radio Contact Info:

Address: P.O Box 41 Waukegan, IL, US 60079

Phone: +1 847-744-2000

OLOPH Church Online Radio