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Punjabi Radio USA:

Punjabi radio USA, headquartered in San Jose, California is dedicated to Punjabi Diaspora living in the United States of America who yearns to connect to their roots of Punjabi culture and heritage. Currently, Punjabi radio the USA will target business in San Francisco bay Area which is the home to more than 150, 000 Punjabis. Punjabi radio USA will also be available 24×7 through the internet worldwide.

Folk music of the Punjab is the traditional music of Punjab produced using the traditional musical instruments like Tumbi, Algoze,Dhadd, Sarangi, Chimta and more. There is a wide range of folk songs for every occasion from birth to death including marriage, festivals, fairs and religious ceremonies.

Folk music is often perceived as the traditional music of Punjab and typically has communal authorship. This aspect of folk music has shifted with time but the older categories of folk begin with the dhadi genre, which does follow ideas of communal authorship. The folk dhadi genre emphasizes stories of heroism and love stories, as exemplified by the numerous ballads of the legendary romantic tales of Hir-Ranjha and Sahiba-Mirza. Folk music is also commonly used in various life-cycle events in the Punjab region. “In almost every wedding ceremony family members, friends, and professional folk musicians perform different sets of folk songs which use themes from a nostalgic past, but communicate themes of separation, joy, fear, and hope in the present.

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