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Zmix 97 live

Zmix 97

Zmix 97 is one of the most famous online radio station on USA. Zmix97 was developed by Djs in th U.S for all djs to come together and showcase their talent for Old School Music Listeners and  the millions of old school music fans across the U.S and the world. People search every day for their favorite songs, and artists they grew up with from back in the day.

Zmix97 has live artist interviews and Daily Shows that all allows you to choose what you want to listen too. Our Holliday Mix a thon’s show case mixers from all over the world and streams 24 hrs a day, its no wonder, Its a format that mainstream radio simply cannot offer. Old School music is more than a music genre, It is a lifestyle, driven by music, concerts, games, clothing, low rider car clubs and house parties that takes the listeners to a place that simply makes them feel good.

 Zmix97 delivers their favorite music and features actual R&B, Funk stars of the seventies thru the new milineum.  Zmix97 has the the best on-air hosts and top Djs interviewing and playing the best Classic Hip Hop, R&B, Funk music by  top recording artists like Heavy D & the Boyz, Guy, Keith Sweat, Run Dmc, Funkadelic, Roger Troutman, The Whispers, Steve Arrington the former member of Slave who are presently talking about the music they created and still sing to this day.  Zmix97 provides a very special and unique relationship between artist and its listeners. We are growing at a considerable rate, so thank you for listening to the #1 Old School Station on the planet!

Radio Information:

Location: USA

Language: English

Genres: Hip Hop, Misc, Oldies


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