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Antenna 2 FM:

the sports news from Colombia and the world are on Antena 2, the broadcaster for a major sporting in this radio formate.


Antenna 2 radio television, notizie e video da Clusone, Valle Seriana, Bergamo, Italia, Crete, si are una Piccola voragine sulla Provinciale

Circuito Nacional Antena 2 is the name of a Colombian network of radio stations with sports content, belonging to the national network of RCN Radio. It is the first sports network in America. It broadcasts the matches of Colombian soccer, international soccer, Formula One, equestrian events, among others. Its signal is transmitted via satellite to 20 AM stations throughout Colombia. and also available on Digital Terrestrial Television on channel 15.6

In some cities, it shares a frequency with La cariñosa so as not to transmit sports all the time but also a little popular music and takes the name of Antena 2 La Cariñosa and in Pereira, in addition to transmitting national and local sports programming, it broadcasts musical programming during the focused day in ballads and romantic music. In addition, When the RCN Cycling Classic runs between Antioquia and Caldas, it is also broadcast on Radio Uno Colombia 91.3 FM for the southwest of Antioquia and north of Caldas.

Radio contact info:

Address: Calle 37 # 13A – 19, Bogotá, Colombia

Phone: +57 (1) 314 7070

Email: [email protected]


Antenna 2 FM Radio