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Disco 106.1 FM

Disco 106.1 FM Listen Live

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Disco 106.1 FM Listen Live:

Every Saturday, listeners tune in to the Dominican Republic’s famous jazz and hip-hop radio station broadcasts of Disco 106.1 FM as it plays a mixture of old hits and new songs from around the world. The station is brought to life through director Ramon Estrella’s dedicated work, who also serves as the station manager and music director. A vast disc jockey named Angelica Colon makes sure that Estrella’s disco sound is perfect for the big occasions when the whole country gets into the groove.
Jazz and hip-hop were very much present on this radio station since its beginning back in 1957. Estrella himself began his musical career playing musical instruments before being enticed by salsa and jive rhythms. In the first few months of operation, the station became so popular that it was syndicated worldwide. Even Hollywood stars came to be known fans of this popular radio show. They included Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Jackie Segal, Count Basie, Merle Collie, etc.
DJs Cynce Tourette, Jose La Month, Jose da Silva, Ruben Stoddard, Ester Tejeda, and Jose Luis Gavel Lana give you various choices of hip-hip dance numbers to rock your body to. There are interviews with famous dance artists and musicians, making it easy for you to know what songs will be played next. When you hear the words “Disco 106.1 FM” on the radio, you can be sure that you will not get bored with the songs played. You can feel free to dance, sing, or clap along to any song you like as long as it fits your music style.

Radio Contact Info:

Name :  Disco 106.1 FM
Type :  MP3
Location :  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Language :  Spanish
Fb & Twitter  :  fb/rdmusica106, @rdmusica
Website : www.rdmusica.com
Disco 106.1 FM
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