Radio Rodja

Radio Rodja:

Radio Rodja live broadcasting from Indonesia. Radio Rodja is an Islamic talk show based on the radio in Indonesia. Radio Rodja listener means a lot, the station wants to present themselves as a station listener should be happy of. They build a great unity between the listeners and themselves so that they may have good communication between them and their listeners which will result in a more entertainment rich radio station.


Radio Rodja starting from a community FM radio started in early 2005. Starting airs for trial in March 2005. Then, of great public interest will be the presence of radio Rodja, thank God, Allah Ta’ala allow Radio Rodja to officially broadcasting on frequency 756 kHz (AM) in 2007. Precisely on May 2007, tested Rodja Radio broadcasts through frequencies 756 AM. Migration to the AM is a decision that should be taken at that time with all the consequences will be advantages and disadvantages.

Alhamdulillah, over time, since the air with AM 756’s frequency, Radio Rodja progressing rapidly. Because of the permission of Allah SWT as well, and the characteristics of this AM signal which has one of the most major advantages is its range is much wider than the signal FM, Radio Rodja can reach listeners from different areas. Radio listeners Rodja increasingly overflowing (thank God), both from analog radio (756 AM) or streaming radio.

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 Radio Information:
 Location: Indonesia  Language: Indonesian 
 Genres:  Islamic Talk  WebSite: www.radiorodja.com