Llagostera Radio

Llagostera Radio

Llagostera Radio is a not for profit community online and fm raido station on Llagostera, Spain. As Llagostera Radio only youth online radio station. Llagostera Radio provides a mix of music, entertainment, local journalistic content and information to enhance Hobart’s cultural landscape.

The Iberian peninsula has had a history of receiving different musical influences from around the Mediterranean Sea and across Europe. In the two centuries before the Christian era, Roman rule brought with it the music and ideas of Ancient Greece; early Christians, who had their own differing versions of church music arrived during the height of the Roman Empire; the Visigoths, a Romanized Germanic people, who took control of the peninsula following the fall of the Roman Empire; the Moors and Jews in the Middle Ages. Hence, there have been more than two thousand years of internal and external influences and developments that have produced a large number of unique musical traditions.Isidore of Seville wrote about the local music in the 6th century. His influences were predominantly Greek, and yet he was an original thinker, and recorded some of the first details about the early music of the Christian church. He perhaps is most famous in musical history for declaring that it was not possible to notate sounds, an assertion which revealed his ignorance of the notational system of ancient Greece, suggesting that this knowledge had been lost (or not transported to Spain) by that time.

Radio Information:

Location: Spain

Language: Spanish

Genres: Music, Hits

Web Site: www.llagosteraradio.cat