RSI Rete Uno

RSI Rete Uno

RSI Rete Uno is one of the most famous online radio station on Switzerland. RSI Rete Uno is definitely a stereo line intercontinental stage actively playing Announcement, Minutes for a crowd around the world. RSI Rete Uno usually have an impartial step for the online generation, joining those who already have a solid hitting the ground with Bivio, Switzerland.

RSI Rete Uno (English: Network One) is the principal radio channel of the Swiss public-service broadcasting organization RSI.

Broadcasting in Italian, it is receivable throughout Switzerland (as well as southern Germany) via FM, DAB, cable, and satellite. Until 31 June 2008 (when SRG SSR ceased broadcasting on the 558 kHz medium-wave frequency) it had also been audible in large areas of northern and central Italy.The station identifies itself on-air as “Radio Svizzera – Rete Uno”. On FM Bands, it identifies itself as “RETE UNO” The director of RSI Rete Uno is Edy Salmina.

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Radio Information:

Location: Switzerland

Language: English

Genres: News , Minutes

Web Site: reteuno.rsi.ch