The 7 best acoustic guitars of 2023

The 7 best acoustic guitars of 2023

If you want to buy an excellent acoustic guitar, but you have doubts about which to select, in this guide, we will help you find the model that suits you. We’ve evaluated a set of aspects to take into account so that your decision is a success.

After a very careful analysis, in which the opinions and real experiences of verified users of every model have also been analyzed, we will show you what we consider the 7 best acoustic guitars in the marketplace in 2023. We now include a summary description of every guitar, and we put a specific focus on its value for the money.

Tips for choosing a good acoustic guitar

There are some outstanding features that you must necessarily consider when choosing your acoustic guitar:

The entire body of this guitar

The body is among the elements of an acoustic guitar which has the most influence on its audio quality. Fundamentally, we could differentiate up to 3 body styles:

Classic: In addition to being the most frequent body type, it is also very comfortable to contact your palms.

“Dreadnought”: It is also one of the most typical and used bodies. It is completely valid to be performed both with a pick and together with your palms. It provides increased quantity than a timeless body, and a larger presence of bass tones, though all tones are generally very balanced.

“Jumbo”: This really is a larger and rounder body type compared to previous ones, which gives it more volume and heavier bass tones.

The timber of the guitar, and its structure

With regard to the wood where our acoustic guitar will be made, the very first thing we must do is pick between engineered wood or solid timber. The sound of solid wood is a lot richer, and with it, a greater sound volume is achieved than with laminate. On the other hand, a solid wood top resists the tension caused by the effect of the strings much better than a laminated wood top. Laminated forests, with time, can grow to be slightly deformed, causing the guitar to reduce its correct tuning. A guitar with a solid shirt will defy the test of time.

When choosing which guitar to buy, the type of timber must also be taken into account, since it’s a factor closely connected to the quality of the sound. 

Fir: Provides vivid, clear tones.

Cedar: Produces warm tones and is a perfect timber for finger playing with.

Mahogany: Powerful and wide sound, suitable for enjoying blues’.

Maple: Provides a clean, nuanced, clean and transparent sound.

The 7 finest acoustic guitars

Ibanez PF15ECE-TBS

If you are seeking a cheap but high-quality acoustic guitar, this is the guitar. Perfect for beginners or even those who already have a certain degree.

Its strings, metallic as is standard in this type of instrument, are of exceptional quality.

The Ibanez PF15ECE-TBS supplies a sweet and clean sound, due to the quality of its strings and also the use of rosewood in its construction. In addition, the”Dreadnought” shape of its body makes it a comfortable and pleasant guitar to play with.

A tiny drawback, associated with possible discretionary accessories, is that this guitar doesn’t include a case and, furthermore, it’s tough to locate one for a tool of this size.

Yamaha FX370C

The Yamaha FX370C acoustic guitar is an excellent choice if you’ve been playing this instrument for a while, or are trying to find a quality acoustic guitar. This version offers breathtaking sound, an attractive design, and excellent finishes.

It’s a stunning and functional model, which creates”love at first sight”. On the other hand, it’s an acoustic guitar that handles quite nicely and fits optimally in the palm of the hand. These attributes, added to its lightweight, define an extremely comfortable tool to play with.

As little negative points: No add-ons or accessories are included as normal; We should also note this, just through the very first days, we could frequently go out of tune, a problem that disappears only after a few hours of use.

If you enjoy this acoustic guitar and want to find out more about its attributes, we recommend that you see our opinion about this model.

Full and impressive sounds to grab your audience’s attention? If this is so, surely the 

12-string Vangoa

Is among the best choices, and its characteristics make it’s sound its best quality. Additionally, its cost isn’t as high as other models that we analyze in this guide, so if your budget is more limited, this option is excellent for you.

It is an acoustic guitar model using a AAA Spruce top and Sapele body, quite good quality woods that, in addition to making this guitar amazing and of very good quality, provide durability.

But, it features smooth running chrome sealed pins to prevent liquid and dust erosion.

The glistening finish that frames its layout is tender to the touch, which makes it easy and comfortable to play. Moreover, if you’re a beginner you may rest easy since it includes a kit with everything you want to learn how to play like the true professionals.

As the only negative stage, this guitar is still something special and contains 12 strings, so if you’re looking for a more”normal” this may not be your very best option.

Takemine Deadnought

It is an instrument that will give you wonderful sensations because of its quality sound and its ease of playing. Therefore, if you are looking for an excellent version, this is a great choice to think about.

Its fingerboard is made from Polissandro. Additionally, it guarantees larger durability over the years so that your guitar will last you many years.

The Nature color that this version has is another of those aspects which make it so unique, as it’s actually beautiful, with a very classic and elegant style that pleases the attention of any individual. In terms of its negative point, it is missing an attachment.

Fender CD-60SCE

In position number 3 on our list, we present an acoustic guitar in the renowned manufacturer”Fender”. It’s a highly recommended choice for someone searching for a quality musical instrument, especially if it is a newcomer keen to spend a little more cash on a really good acoustic guitar. It’s also suitable for an advanced hobbyist who would like to change and improve their current acoustic guitar.

Its materials are of very great quality, which makes this guitar very comfortable and simple to play and handle, perfect for amateurs that are just starting out. In addition, the noise generated by this acoustic guitar is both hot and strong, of exceptional quality.

Another highlight of the model is that it’s well adjusted, with an excellent assembly quality. The strings of this acoustic guitar are well attached to the throat, which greatly improves its ease of use. As a very minor negative point, this guitar weighs 4 kg.

Yamaha F310

If you are looking for a cheap acoustic guitar to learn which also has the attribute of excellent value for money, this can be the best option.

Its design is very attractive, but for some tastes perhaps the wood can be slightly faded and without much intensity of glow, making it a timeless look. As for the noise, it is a clean and spacious sound in connection with its price, although without being overly melodic.

Its strings, as if any acoustic guitar, are metallic. A small drawback of the guitar is that it does not include any accessories as standard.

Epiphone AJ-100CE

This is one of the most effective cheap acoustic guitars on the current market, a very difficult product to beat, because of its exceptional value for money.

Aesthetically, the Epiphone AJ-100CE is a very nice guitar, with a lot of shine and a traditional finish. Regarding its shape, it presents greater thickness at the base of the situation, being thinner at the top, which makes it very comfortable to hold and play. This product can be considered a perfect option, whether you are learning or already an expert in the instrument.

It has a clean, warm, and rather powerful sound, as a result of its top excellent metal strings that prevent”small”. Additionally, an Allen wrench is included that allows the user to manually correct the spirit of the guitar.

The only bad point that occurs to us is that it does not include a cover, but given its tight price, this shortage is understandable.

The best budget acoustic guitar manufacturers


It is one of the best acoustic guitar manufacturers, for different reasons:

In several versions, the body joint is usually designed in an interesting blend of black and white. The tuners are often chrome, although the pickguard is a turtle.

Certainly, we are confronting one of the best options when purchasing an acoustic guitar, if what we are searching for is an excellent product with a good value for money, that is also light and comfortable to play with.


The legendary producer Fender markets a few of the most popular acoustic guitar models. Fender uses quite high-quality materials, and also their guitars come with a bridge and headstock from precisely the exact same brand. The selection protector has a timeless shape. The support is generally Quartersawn X, a version that leads to the stability of this guitar and it generates a very good sound. A Fender brand instrument will last you for many years should you regularly treat it and keep it. We believe purchasing a Fender guitar to be a very wise investment. The neck rod is flexible and hexagonal, in reverse position to 12-52 gauge Duratone strings, a feature many different models. All Fender acoustic guitars have the maximum quality and deliver extraordinary sound.


Larrivee guitars are a very popular option among acoustic guitar specialists. And their motives have… This is one of the greatest products if we aspire to a very large quality sound because it has the very best acoustic guitars.

It presents a more retro design, made with premium quality materials.

By way of example, in the Larrivee Om-40 version, its sides are high in Sitka spruce and the rear is glossy mahogany. The bridge and fingerboard are made from cedarwood. The combination, in this Larrivee OM-40 version, of this timber and the timeless shape of the OM body and the V-neck produces a clean, clear, and lively sound, feature and typical of Larrivee guitars.

It must be noted that this is an acoustic guitar only available to people with more economical means. Not everyone can afford the magnificent aesthetic and musical experience that Larrivee offers.

This brand of guitars also appreciates a well-deserved reputation among lovers of the instrument.

Its special sound reaches the upper’ of acoustic guitar in regards to attaining warm and vibrant tones, thanks to the use of high-quality solid wood.

This Taylor 410ce also features a unique NT neck. All these elements combined, the standard of many Taylor versions, give these guitars exceptional, highly lively sonic attributes.

This brand has a huge array of”high-end” models. Regarding the sound, there’s not anything like acoustic guitars, even though it’s also true that their prices are quite significant.

For the building of its units, Gibson frequently uses woods that create very pleasant and intense sounds. Gibson guitars are high-quality products, designed to last for many decades. Each of its elements brings about optimum sound quality, extremely lightweight, and an extremely comfortable layout.


This brand has quiet versions in terms of value for money and contains the best cheap acoustic guitars. Their instruments are extremely easy to maintain and perform, even for beginners. Thanks to their exclusive shoulder straps, the Jasmine has the best sound reaction and, thanks also to the slim neck, they’re extremely comfortable to play.

This would be one of the greatest options for those who want to begin in acoustic guitar.

Acoustic guitar Rates

How much can an acoustic guitar cost?

As always, the prices of this musical instrument can vary a good deal, depending on makes and models.

Because of this, it’s highly recommended to start with a version that fulfills the essential quality-price characteristics. Due to its manufacturing materials, it manages to offer you a fairly good quality. Consequently, if you’re just starting to play guitar, then we recommend this option.

In the event you are already an advanced user in the field, a Larrivee would be an excellent option. Its characteristics and high-quality substances make its sound sublime. Concerning the price, it’s expensive, but a guitar is for life if you just take excellent care of it, and this one, in particular, has really durable materials.

In short, the quality-price ratio is not an exclusive or sufficient standard to purchase your perfect guitar. You must take into account your expertise and your knowledge about the tool, so as to choose which one suits you best and not make mistakes when purchasing, overall avoiding wasting money unnecessarily.

best acoustic guitars of 2023