Nga Iwi FM

To strengthen language of Hauraki and heard his sweet time with all.
To Empower The Voice of Hauraki and Hear it in all its beauty throughout all of its Tribal Regions.
here to broadcast out loud and Proud of New Zealand’s number one community – Paeroa. You can rely on Nga Iwi FM
Blaze out to the hottest hip hop, Rnb and a healthy dose of our own Native people of Hauraki!
Hecka, with Live streaming over the internet we can even entertain the family from Paris to worldwide
Parihaka. What started as a dream remains to be YOUR station was, and you know what – Nga Iwi FM wouldnt
have it any other way! Nga Iwi FM website address is www.ngaiwifm.co.nz

Radio Information:

Location: New Zealand

Language: English

Genres: Hip Hop, R&B

WebSite: www.ngaiwifm.co.nz